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Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth

Material #: R901109862

Model : 048401005805000-VLST-20A-TF-05

***Disclaimer: The following summary contains information gathered from various sources such as product descriptions, technical specifications and catalogs. While efforts have been made to provide accurate details, inaccuracies may occur. It is advised to verify all information by contacting Bosch Rexroth directly.***
The Bosch Rexroth 048401005805000-VLST-20A-TF-05 (R901109862) is a screw-in cartridge valve designed for precise flow and pressure control in hydraulic systems. This high-quality logic element operates with an external pilot and is characterized by its normally closed position. It is engineered to handle a maximum operating pressure of up to 350 bar (5076 psi) and can accommodate a maximum flow rate of up to 20 liters per minute (5.28 gallons per minute), making it suitable for a variety of demanding applications. The valve features a fixed setting for consistent operation, and its robust construction includes NBR sealing material, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. The product belongs to the VLST family type within the larger category of logic elements, specifically tailored for flow and pressure control tasks. It has been crafted with precision in mind, utilizing a poppet spool type to manage fluid dynamics effectively. With ports number configuration, this Bosch Rexroth valve integrates seamlessly into hydraulic systems using the CAAC cavity design. Its screw-in cartridge valve design simplifies installation while maintaining a secure connection within the system's architecture. The product's nominal flow direction is direct, which contributes to its efficient operation. This model also stands out due to its compatibility with hydraulic fluids HL and HLP, expanding its applicability across different hydraulic environments. Weighing just 0.5 kg, it offers an optimal balance between size and performance—providing reliable control without adding excessive bulk to the system. Overall, the Bosch Rexroth 048401005805000-VLST-20A-TF-05 (R901109862) represents an advanced solution for users requiring dependable external pilot operated logic elements for their hydraulic systems' flow and pressure management needs.

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