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Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth

Material #: R900772014

Model : FTWE 4 KC1X/210AG24K40V

***Disclaimer: The following summary contains information gathered from various sources such as product descriptions, technical specifications and catalogs. While efforts have been made to provide accurate details, inaccuracies may occur. It is advised to verify all information by contacting Bosch Rexroth directly.***
The Bosch Rexroth FTWE 4 KC1X/210AG24K40V (R900772014) is a high-performance directional spool valve designed for efficient hydraulic control in various applications. This direct-operated, screw-in cartridge valve is characterized by its solenoid actuation, ensuring precise and reliable on/off control of hydraulic flow. With a maximum operating pressure of up to 210 bar (3045 psi) and a nominal flow capacity, this valve is engineered to handle significant hydraulic demands while maintaining stability and performance. The FTWE 4 KC1X/210AG24K40V features a robust design with an integrated coil and Deutsch DTP electrical connector, providing secure electrical connections for consistent operation. The type of actuation is solenoid-actuated on/off, which allows for quick response times and straightforward integration into hydraulic systems. The sealing material used in this model is FKM, offering excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemical exposure, thereby extending the valve's service life even in harsh conditions. This product falls under the product family classification of directional spool valves that are direct operated with solenoid actuation. It has a cavity designation of Mx, indicating its compatibility with standardized cavities for ease of installation and maintenance. The FTWE series valve has a poppet-type spool which contributes to its ability to provide leak-free control at various flow rates. Designed to work with a range of hydraulic fluids including HL, HLP, HEES, and HEPG, the Bosch Rexroth FTWE 4 KC1X/210AG24K40V ensures versatility across different system requirements. It operates on a supply voltage of 24 V DC, making it suitable for integration into diverse electrical systems without requiring special adaptations. Weighing in at just .5 kg (approximately 1.1 lbs), this compact yet powerful valve offers an ideal balance between size and capability for industrial applications requiring precise fluid control.

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