Material #: R16513312Y

Model : KWD-035-FNS-C3-S-1

Price: $382.02

Ball chain for low noise level and best travel behavior Lube fittings with metal threads on all sides End-face fastening thread for all attachments Integrated all-around sealing High torque capacity Different preload classes Optimized entry-zone geometry and high number of balls minimize variation in elastic deflection High rigidity in all load directions – permits applications with just one runner block per rail Improved rigidity under lift-off and side loading conditions due to two additional mounting screw holes at the center of the Ball Runner Block Maximum system rigidity due to pre-tensioned O-arrangement Optional integrated, inductive and wear-free measuring system Ball Runner Block pre-lubricated at the factory. Can be used on all SNS/SNO Ball Guide Rails The same high load ratings in all four main directions of loading Long-term lubrication is possible over several years

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