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Material #: 3842540047

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Pressure wave control strip (F) Pressure wave sensor (G)

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Pressure wave control strip (F) Pressure wave sensor (G)

Lifting module (A)

Lifting module for stepless workstation height adjustment Connected via screw hole on face sides or using the integrated 10 mm slot Lifting force: max. 1000 N per lifting module; suitable for compressive forces only Lift: 410 mm Lifting velocity: 25 mm/s Cable length: 2000 mm


Control (B)

Control for synchronization of 1, 2, 3 or 4 lifting modules in parallel operation Operating time: 10 %


Hand switch (C)

For operating the controller, with push button for height adjustment and 3 memory buttons to store the different positions, cable length 3 m


Contact bridge (D)

For operating the controller without collision protection


Mains cable (E) (not shown)

For connection to power mains


Pressure wave control strip (F), pressure wave sensor (G)

For mechanical collision protection, you can connect the control unit (B) to a pressure wave control strip (F). Even if only slight pressure is applied to the pressure wave control strip, the pressure wave sensor (G) issues a signal to the control unit and the lifting modules move back a few millimeters in the opposite direction. The pressure wave control strip has a self-adhesive rear side and can be individually shortened.

Pressure wave sensor with pressure wave control strip (F)

Pressure wave control strip

Tilting moments

Tilting moments

Parallelism in lifting module and lifting module with bracket

Lifting module, lifting module with bracket

Control unit for 1, 2, 3, or 4 lifting modules

Hand switch with display

Contact bridge

Pressure wave control strip