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The belt used as a conveyor medium transports the workpiece pallets into the transfer system. The belts are pretensioned during installation and bonded to form a continuous belt. A belt mounting tool kit is used for jointing, tensioning and bonding.

The required belt length is determined using the following formula.

Note: A pre-tensioning factor F is required for the belt, see the "Pre-tensioning factor F for belts" overview.


lB = ((2 x lS + lAS + lUM) x F) + 60


lB = length of belt

lS = length of section

lAS Length of the conveyor medium at the drive module

lUM Length of the conveyor medium at the return unit

F = pretensioning factor


Pretensioning factor F for belt

where BS 2 and lS ≤ 4000 mm, F =  0.98

where BS 2 and lS > 4000 mm, F = 0.975

where AS 2/B-250, F = 0.965


Length of the conveyor medium for belt

lUM = 660 mm

lAS = 660 mm


Belt expansion

where lS ≤ 4000 mm = 2 %

where lS > 4000 mm = 2.5 %

where AS 2/B-250 = 3.5 %

GT 2 Belt



Used for bonding belts For use in connection with the belt mounting tool kit

CAD data

Belt Mounting Tool

Belt Mounting Tool

Skiving device for reducing belts at connection points Heat press to glue the belt ends thermally

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