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Table frame

- Table frame of standard dimensions for box or desk type workstation construction

- Height-adjustable leveling feet to compensate for floor irregularities

- Suitable for the construction of ESD workstations

- Many extension options with accessories such as table tops and footrests

- Desk-type construction for more legroom, especially when swiveling in and out of workstation while seated


Strut Extension

- Strut extension of standard size for attaching accessories to workstations

- Subsequent installation on a table frame is possible

- Fits all Rexroth table frames with a 45x45L profile and the width B = 990 mm

- Fastened by means of end connector on table frame

- Suitable for the construction of ESD workstations

Table frame, box type

Table frame, desk type

Strut extension



Table top

Table top

Table top for use in constructing Economic and Basic type Rexroth workstations for various mechanical loads Can be configured with variable dimensions or with fixed standard dimensions

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