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Bracket S 20x20, 20x20 set

Bracket S 30x30 set 30x30

Bracket S 40/45, 40/45 set

Variofix Block

Variofix Block

For surface elements with a thickness of up to 13 mm For subsequent installation in closed frame constructions Asymmetrical form enables surface elements to be fastened in two different positions Clamping with snap-in clip or screw fitting with square nut M6 (included in scope of delivery) and screw Retainer ring for connecting the screw to the surface element (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC)

CAD data

Retainer ring

Retainer ring

Secures the fastening screw to the surface element For use with all Variofix blocks, but not for the S bracket Retrofitting possible For various thread sizes

CAD data