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Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth

Material #: 1517010152


***Disclaimer: The following summary contains information gathered from various sources such as product descriptions, technical specifications and catalogs. While efforts have been made to provide accurate details, inaccuracies may occur. It is advised to verify all information by contacting Bosch Rexroth directly.***
The Bosch Rexroth SEAL KIT AZPF-1X/....NBR NBR (1517010152) is a comprehensive sealing solution designed for use in hydraulic applications. This kit includes all necessary seals to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of hydraulic pumps, particularly those within the Bosch AZPF series. The NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) material used in these seals is known for its resistance to oils, fuels, and other hydrocarbons, providing a durable and reliable seal in a variety of challenging environments. This product is engineered to meet the exacting standards of quality and performance that Bosch is known for. The seals in this kit are precision-manufactured to ensure a perfect fit with the corresponding pump parts, thereby preventing fluid leaks and maintaining system pressure. The use of this seal kit can extend the service life of hydraulic components by protecting them from contaminants and wear. The Bosch Rexroth SEAL KIT AZPF-1X/....NBR NBR (1517010152) is suitable for repair, maintenance, or overhaul tasks where sealing integrity is paramount. It ensures that equipment runs smoothly without downtime due to seal failure. This kit's components are designed for easy installation, which minimizes maintenance time and gets hydraulic systems back up and running quickly. In summary, this seal kit provides a high-quality solution for professionals looking to maintain or repair their hydraulic systems with confidence in the longevity and performance of their seals.

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