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Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth

Material #: 1517010241


***Disclaimer: The following summary contains information gathered from various sources such as product descriptions, technical specifications and catalogs. While efforts have been made to provide accurate details, inaccuracies may occur. It is advised to verify all information by contacting Bosch Rexroth directly.***
The Bosch Rexroth SEAL KIT NBR (1517010241) is a comprehensive set of seals designed for maintenance and repair applications. This kit includes an assortment of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) seals, known for their excellent resistance to oil, fuel, and other hydrocarbons. The material's durability makes it suitable for a wide range of temperatures and provides good mechanical properties, such as resistance to wear and tear. The SEAL KIT NBR is typically used in hydraulic systems, fuel systems, and various other applications where fluid containment is critical. Its components are precision-engineered to meet the high-quality standards associated with Bosch products, ensuring reliable performance and compatibility with the designated equipment. This kit is essential for professionals who need to service or repair equipment that requires robust sealing solutions. The inclusion of multiple seal sizes within the kit allows for flexibility and convenience when addressing different maintenance tasks or replacing worn components. Bosch's attention to detail in manufacturing these seals ensures that they provide an effective barrier against leaks, contributing to the longevity and efficiency of machinery. The 1517010241 model code signifies this specific kit configuration, which is tailored to meet the needs of users requiring high-grade NBR seals for various industrial applications.

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