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Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth

Material #: 1510283028


***Disclaimer: The following summary contains information gathered from various sources such as product descriptions, technical specifications and catalogs. While efforts have been made to provide accurate details, inaccuracies may occur. It is advised to verify all information by contacting Bosch Rexroth directly.***
The Bosch Rexroth ROTARY SHAFT LIP 40X22X7-DL-FKM-75 FKM (1510283028) is a high-quality rotary shaft seal designed to provide reliable sealing performance in a variety of applications. The seal features dimensions of 40mm outer diameter, 22mm inner diameter, and a width of 7mm, ensuring a precise fit for the intended equipment. Constructed from FKM (fluoroelastomer), this seal offers excellent resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and petroleum oils, making it suitable for demanding environments where durability and longevity are critical. With its dual-lip design, the ROTARY SHAFT LIP seal provides enhanced sealing capabilities compared to single-lip seals. This design helps prevent the ingress of contaminants while maintaining lubrication within the system. The material's 75 Shore A hardness rating indicates a firm material that can withstand significant pressure without deforming, further contributing to its effectiveness in maintaining an effective seal over time. This particular model is well-suited for use in rotary applications where there are concerns about thermal stability and chemical exposure. The FKM material ensures that the seal will perform reliably in applications involving high temperatures or contact with aggressive substances. Its robust construction makes it an ideal choice for industries requiring precision and durability from their sealing solutions. In summary, the Bosch ROTARY SHAFT LIP 40X22X7-DL-FKM-75 FKM (1510283028) is designed to offer superior sealing performance under challenging conditions. Its specialized material composition and thoughtful design make it an essential component for maintaining system integrity in various industrial applications requiring high-quality rotary shaft seals.

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