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Digital control electronics

Material #: R901227616


Input for digital position measurement systems (2 x SSI or 1 x incremental) 6 analog inputs, voltage (±10 V, 0…10 V) and current (4…20 mA) switchable via software, input resistance of AI1 > 10 MΩ 3 analog outputs, 1x switchable voltage (±10 V, 0…10 V) or current (0…20 mA, 4…20 mA), 2x voltage (±10 V) Various possible signal linking and switch-over options Enable input and OK output 8 digital inputs 7 digital outputs, configurable Parameterizable ramp function 32 blocks with command values, velocities and controller parameters Adjustment to hydraulic drive by means of area adjustment, characteristic curve correction, overlap compensation, residual velocity logic and zero point correction. +10 V reference voltage output Serial interface RS232 Up to 32 electronics can be interconnected for parameterization and diagnosis via the local bus

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